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Greenfield AD Forests

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AD Forests made easy with PowerSyncPro

Company A & Company B (of similar user size) strategically decided to create a greenfield Active Directory Forest (CompanyAB), instead of choosing either one or the other legacy AD Forest due to distrust. They needed a tool capable of migrating both Forests without impacting access to legacy resources on either of the original AD Forests.

The solution to AD Forest migration and sync

By implementing PowerSyncPro, the target greenfield AD Forest was populated with users and groups from both Forests and one-way trusts were established. The new Forest was secure by design and allowed the migration of both legacy Forests while retaining seamless access to legacy resources.

Post migration, the only impact for the user was a change to the domain part of their login credentials (@companyAB), all their passwords, desktop profiles and application access – from OneDrive, Sharepoint and Outlook to Edge and licenced MS Office apps – remained the same. Therefore, there was no further impact to user productivity nor impact to the service desk and no loss in potential revenue. 

Simple, scaleable sync and migration for Active Directory

PowerSyncPro was developed for organisations looking to streamline the process of uniting their business networks and directories, while minimising disruption and reducing cost.  PowerSyncPro is currently installed, configured and operated only as part of a professional service package from Nero Blanco IT Limited. With over 50 years of combined experience in mergers, acquisitions and divestures, migrations and complex DirSync’s, Nero Blanco are the team to ensure that your next migration or sync project runs smoothly and effectively. Get in touch with the team today.

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