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Meet The PowerSyncPro Team

You already know how PowerSyncPro can help to you simplify complex migrations and synchronisations when you’re facing merger or divestiture, but you might not know about the team that developed and maintains the PowerSyncPro toolkit, making migrations easier and saving you both time and money. 

50-plus years of combined experience

The leadership team behind PowerSyncPro are all leaders in the field of migrations and have undertaken some of the world’s most critical and challenging migration projects. It is from these challenges, and the 50-plus years of combined experience at the forefront of corporate IT Administration, that PowerSyncPro was created. The plans for the future of our products are limitless, we keep evolving, developing, and adapting our products to minimise migration frustration.

Twan Van Beers

Product Owner

Twan is a Senior Infrastructure Architect with commercial experience in a variety of technologies spanning over 30 years. Having been a consultant for most of this time, he has become accustomed to fitting in with diverse teams, with everyone working towards a common goal.
During the 2018 Christmas break, Twan’s wife, Shona, decided he should invest his time into writing a directory synchronisation tool that would simplify the process of syncing multiple directories or tenants to help streamline migration projects – an issue that had come up time and time again! That was where and when PowerSyncPro was born and now has been developed into a robust and highly configurable, directory synchronisation software solution. He later created the first PowerSyncPro Migration Agent to ease the end user pain associated with migrations.

Twan Van Beers
Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray

Product Owner

Conrad has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. As a messaging specialist experienced with Office 365, Conrad has developed serious expertise in Microsoft Exchange On-Premises, Exchange Online, as well as IBM Lotus Notes & Domino, message hygiene layers, and enterprise mail migration & coexistence toolsets. Conrad is now using his wealth of experience to improve and innovate PowerSyncPro, to remove end user frustration with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and conolidations! The product is constantly evolving to incorporate more scope to create a seamless migration process. Conrad has created the demo videos available on the website, please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the features or if you would like a personalised demo.

Neil Langston

Product Owner

Neil specialises in large complex tenant to tenant (T2T) migration projects, synchronising or moving identity, messaging, managing devices, and data migrations. He regularly performs large, complex T2T projects. Neil has a wealth of experience migrating or integrating workloads and on-premises environments including Identity, Devices, Exchange Online, Teams, ODfB, SharePoint and others for a variety of customers from large corporate brands and banks to schools and manufacturing firms. Neil’s passion for all things migration related is reflected in the enhancements of PowerSyncPro. 

Neil Langston

Fabrice Barbier

Business Development Manager
& Sales Manager

With over 20 years of experience in Partner networks throughout EMEA, Software and Services Sales both for Cloud based or SAAS Solutions, Fabrice brings his enthusiasm and knowledge to the PowerSyncPro Sales and Partner Business Development.

He thrives in building and managing successful partner relationships and sales. He would certainly be happy to hear from you and how we can assist you to increase your margin, enhance practice efficiency on these type of projects.

Anna Stokes

Sales Manager

After working as a technical project manager in financial services for over a decade, Anna decided on a career change, into sales!

Who better to sell our products and services than someone who has witnessed our success and fully believes in both our company and what we do.

Andre Hausberger

Partner and Business Development Manager

Andre looks after our existing international Partners at PowerSyncPro but is also actively growing our Partner Network. He is fluent in German, English, and Spanish and loves connecting with people. His immediate family includes members from 4 different nations. Andre has worked in various IT Sales Roles for 20 years and looks forward to meeting you.

Nikolay Krastev

IT consultant

Nikolay is an IT consultant with over 15 years of experience in the messaging software.

He enjoyed Lotus scripting and Domino platform but also loves Microsoft Office 365 services and is an engineer on our PowerSyncPro products and is an expert at demos – please don’t hesitate to contact us to book your demo today!

The Efficient Directory Sync Tool

Enter PowerSyncPro – a powerful, efficient directory sync tool that enables seamless large-scale identity synchronisation. Massively scalable, PowerSyncPro helps organisations with hundreds of thousands of users, groups, and contacts to migrate their data with minimal downtime and disruption, saving them valuable time and money in the process.

Why use PowerSyncPro? You will benefit from:

  • Streamlining complex migration projects and tenant-to-tenant migrations
  • Reduction in the number of migration errors
  • Keeping your users in control and your administrators informed
  • Staying in control of your target objects
  • Saving time and money on both deployment and maintenance

PowerSyncPro has been developed by the team at Nero Blanco IT Limited, bringing the benefit of over 50 years of combined experience in migration and Active Directory administration. This means that in addition to an easy-to-use, capable, and powerful tool, you’ll also receive the very best in service and support, from a team that has spent their lives undertaking challenging migration projects.

But Why PSP?

PowerSyncPro was developed to give organisations a way to take the headache out of large-scale migrations, and eliminate the hangover period that often follows operations of this type and size.

There are other products on the market that work in a comparable way, but as PowerSyncPro is currently installed, configured, and operated only as part of a professional service package from Nero Blanco IT Limited, you don’t have to worry about meeting high up-front costs for software, engaging multiple contractors, or a potential skills gap within your own administrative team when implementing a migration with PowerSyncPro.

If you are looking to simplify your migration, and you’d like to discuss your requirements with an expert team, then get in touch with us today.