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What can the PowerSyncPro Active Directory sync tool do?

PowerSyncPro consists of two key elements: a Microsoft Active Directory sync tool, and a Workstation Migration Agent.

The Active Directory bidirectional sync tool can be used to sync or migrate Active Directories depending on your specific requirements. Any number of Active Directories can be included for sync or migration, with virtually unlimited scope on the number of domains, users, and objects. Migration or sync can be provisioned for any practical configuration of Active Directory, including AD-AD, AD to Azure AD and vice versa, and Azure AD to Azure AD. Any number of structures or directories can be mapped for Directory Sync operations, or as data sources for migration.

Ultimately scaleable, PowerSyncPro simplifies even the most complex DirSync or migration project. With its advanced Identity Management functionality, 2-way password and SID-History sync, and metaverse design, PowerSyncPro can take source objects from virtually anywhere, applying strict pre-deployment policy checking to minimise data loss during and after operation.

The workstation Migration Agent completes the user workstation part of migration operations, disjoining the machine from one Active Directory structure, and joining to the other repermissioning workstation files, folders and registry along with user profiles, whilst managing Outlook, Teams, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Edge, giving the user a smooth transition without having to factory-reset or create new profiles.

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