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PowerSyncPro compatibility

If you are an Administrator in a medium to large organisation, planning Active Directory synchronisations and migrations can be extremely challenging. If your organisation is in the process of acquisition, merger, or divestiture, there are many things to consider and plan for to ensure that any proposed synchronisation or migration operations go smoothly, and team members from both organisations can use and access resources on the proposed target domain or domains.

A one-size-fits-all sync process

Many large corporate organisations have been around a while, and that could mean that some of the Directories in need of sync or migration are located on-premises or on older AD deployments. Traditionally, this sort of variability in directory design makes things more challenging for Administrators, as a one-size-fits-all sync process or tool may need to be adjusted to capture or transform the required directory objects, or may indeed be incapable of doing this, requiring reconfiguration of part or all the directories involved prior to implementing the proposed solution.


The business solution

Many off-the-shelf toolkits can cope with a few distinct types of Active Directory deployment, but Administrators using these toolkits may find themselves having to compromise or accept additional workflows, or very expensive long-term consultancy to make sure everything gets to where it is intended, or syncs correctly. AD syncs will typically run for a few years until dependencies can be removed from the source environment, so admins want tools which simply work and can be left to do their magic without supervision.

Organisations looking to achieve really need a solution that minimises not only planning time, but also reduces the need for installation of software, training of project members, time required for the actual operation, and of course maintenance and clean-up afterwards. If all this could be achieved without it costing the Earth, all the better.

One of the benefits of using PowerSyncPro for your migration or directory sync is the sheer range of combinations of deployments or constituent directories that the tool can deal with. PowerSyncPro can handle any combination or number of Active Directory deployments as sources for sync, and can either migrate these directories, merge or synchronise them for business coexistence use-cases.

PowerSyncPro can locate and sync directory targets in any network attached location, and will happily synchronise target directories that are on-premises, and therefore AAD (Azure AD) too. The toolkit itself can be installed on and run from a variety of locations and environments, from Microsoft Windows Server installations on physical hosts, to Windows IIS, cloud VM locations such as Microsoft Azure, so no matter what your network looks like, a PowerSyncPro deployment is simple.

After installation, the powerful and user-friendly PowerSyncPro dashboard can display and run operations on any number of source Active Directory structures, either overseeing and managing the migration of source AD domains to target, or ensuring that large-scale domain coexistence is undertaken and maintained effectively, with an absolute minimum of data errors and access issues – PowerSyncPro led AD domain synchronisations were in place over the recent coronavirus lockdowns in the UK, and managed to maintain a complete directory sync between multiple AD domains for over a year with no errors or downtime. There were no maintenance visits allowed during this time, which was ideal for PowerSyncPro, as it simply ran in the background, keeping all the required synchronisations in place.


PowerSyncPro can only be installed, configured, and operated as part of a professional service package from Nero Blanco IT Limited. With over 50 years of combined migration experience, and an impressive list of projects and technical achievements, the Nero Blanco team would be happy to use their expertise to help ease your next large – or small – scale migration project. Get in touch today.


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