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PowerSyncPro Migration Agent in action

The ability of the PowerSyncPro Migration Agent to reliably move devices from one AD to another or from tenant to tenant without a complete Windows reinstallation and minus any significant post-migration maintenance can be game changing for organisations looking to migrate their Active Directories. 

Move your devices easily across Active Directories

Device migration can be a significant operation, especially if your project is for a very large single environment migration, or a complex merger between two or more AD domains. Seamless Synchronisation of Active Directory and strong identity management are vital for migrating devices without issue. 

The PowerSyncPro Migration Agent works hand-in-hand with the PowerSyncPro Active Directory sync tool to check user object attributes before and after migration, so authentication of the user profile on the target Active Directory is not an issue. SIDhistory, passwords and even AIP encryption keys are all brought over, so that the user can simply pick up where they left off.

PowerSyncPro Use

The need

Why was PSP-MA developed?

Migration of Active Directory can be a complicated task, and one that most large organisations will go through at least once, either to improve security within their internal network, to centralise or combine user directories in one place, or to modernise and move away from deprecated systems and practices. Most of this work takes place on servers or in the cloud, hidden from users, but once the directory work is put in place, it is then necessary to migrate user workstations, as these are ultimately the devices where interaction with Active Directory takes place. 

Migration of workstations has typically and traditionally required a great deal of effort and planning, as well as providing special consideration for users that need to use specialist third-party software. During merger, acquisition or divestiture of businesses, there exists a need to connect or combine Active Directory structures, with an aim to allow multiple AD or AAD structures to co-exist simultaneously, or to combine and migrate to a new target structure. This can be extremely disruptive to merging organisations, whose users may not be able to easily accommodate a lengthy and complex workstation migration project. PowerSyncPro and the PowerSyncPro Migration Agent were developed specifically to help drastically simplify project scope and shorten timelines in circumstances like these.  

It’s not always about size though, and sometimes the complexity can take other forms than just how many users and files need relocation…

The process

How do you simplify complex migrations? 

The PowerSyncPro Migration Agent is a powerful tool for reducing the complexity and timeframe of migrating workstations between Active Directories. Able to easily disjoin from a source Active Directory and join to a target, the PowerSyncPro Migration Agent can retain user profiles and preferences, removing the need to reinstall an operating system from scratch using tools like Windows Autopilot, saving time and administrative costs associated with user downtime, and temporary loss of specialist software installations and user preferences.


Individual Windows workstations have agents installed remotely via a .msi deployed through GPO, Intune or other deployment methods. These agents move through a range of processes designed to disjoin from one AD and join the machine to another, checking and changing the relevant settings and registry values along the way, avoiding the authentication issues and credential problems associated with performing this task manually. A similar set of processes is applied in Active Directory or Azure Active DIrectory to make sure that the user only has to sign in to access their Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, and Office apps, all exactly as they were pre-migration.

simplify complex migrations
Migrate user Profiles Effectively

The result

Simple Windows Workstation migration

A revolutionary Active Directory synchronisation solution, PowerSyncPro has radically reduced the time taken to complete large-scale Active Directory migration or merger projects, and when it comes to fast migration of Windows workstations, the counterpart PowerSyncPro Migration Agent can move your devices across quickly and effectively.

Migrating workstations without complex manual processes and scripts can be liberating for a project team, as well as reducing overall project time and costs. The PowerSyncPro Migration Agent can migrate hundreds or thousands of workstations between Active Directory, hybrid or Azure Active Directory domains. The PowerSyncPro Migration Agent has already been used during migrations on many of our customer networks, completing operations in hours that traditionally would have taken days or weeks to finalise.

PowerSyncPro can be installed, configured and operated only as part of a professional service package from the PowerSyncPro team. With 50 years of combined experience working within the migration process, our team are the experts you need when considering your next migration project. If you’d like to read more about the great experiences our clients have had with PowerSyncPro, then visit our Case Studies page.

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