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Syncing Legacy and EOL platforms

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Problem-free Legacy Platform sync

Company X were involved in the acquisition of Company Y earlier this year. Company Y had a Financial division that were using legacy services to operate software and user accounts in that area of their business. Due to the age of the servers running both the Active Directory domain and the software required to operate the legacy financial databases, the low rate of everyday use, and the limited time remaining before the product database software went End Of Life, it was considered impractical to migrate. Users were instead required to log on to the domain remotely to use these services.

When AD Migration is not an option

Rather than conduct a full migration of the legacy servers, and risk loss of data or services, PowerSyncPro was deployed to ensure that the two Active Directories could communicate, and users in both organisations could access the legacy systems more efficiently. When the day comes that the database software goes EOL, PowerSyncPro will happily carry on with its Directory Sync, without maintenance or interruption.

End of Life or Extended support periods don’t matter to PowerSyncPro. You can sync any Active Directory with any other Active Directory, as many times as you like, in any configuration. Through great Identity Management, PowerSyncPro just smoothly ensures that your access will always be there, day in, day out.

Get in touch for simple and scaleable DirSync

PowerSyncPro was developed for organisations looking to streamline the process of uniting their business networks and directories, while minimising disruption and reducing cost.  PowerSyncPro is currently installed, configured, and operated only as part of a professional service package from Nero Blanco IT Limited. With over 50 years of combined experience in mergers, acquisitions and divestures, migrations and complex DirSync’s, our team can help you with your next complex migration or DirSync project.

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