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The PowerSyncPro Process

PowerSyncPro helps to synchronise users, groups and contacts between directories with no need for complex scripts or constant manual intervention. It works by exploiting the same import, export and sync terminology as Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), but is far less complex to operate.

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Metaverse Design

With its metaverse design, PowerSyncPro imports data from all directories into a central database, then runs a synchronisation to identify the changes that need to be made to the target directories. Once this data is imported you can make synchronisation decisions based on any data from either the source or the target directory, or if you haven’t finished pulling everything in, you can even merge in data from other sources.


PowerSyncPro enjoys broad compatibility and can be installed as a Windows Service, Under Internet Information Service (IIS) on Windows, under Apache on hardware and VMs running Linux, into Docker or Kubernetes if you run containers, and can be run from Cloud VMs in Azure or AWS, so wherever your data is, or wherever you’d like it to be, PowerSyncPro can work and import data from practically any location.



The Process

Once installed and running, and given its source and target directories, PowerSyncPro will begin your migration using the below process.



Scope determines the objects that are candidates for syncing from the source directory to the destination directory – from a simple scope based on organisational unit to a complex scope based on the attributes and values you specify.



Match finds the object in the target directory that corresponds to the source object – from the simplest example (take the source object’s mail attribute and find a matching mail attribute value in the target directory) to a more complex specification (use the same mail value but replace the domain with a different domain). The next step in the process is determined by the action you select create only, update only, create or update

Proxy Agent


And on the roadmap –  Merge enables you to add additional source directories to the primary source directory. For example, the same user may appear in multiple forests and you need to sync personnel information from different forests to the target directory.



Map tells PowerSyncPro how to create the target object’s attributes based on the source data, while rewrites enable you to manipulate those mappings. Your mapping requirement may be straightforward – mail to mail or name to name – or you may want to replace values, or combine multiple source attributes into a single target attribute.


Password Sync

PowerSyncPro supports secure password hash synchronisation between Active Directory domains – both unidirectional and bidirectional – to help with Active Directory migrations where users might update their password on either side but want that same password used by both sides. The password hash is never persisted outside of the Domain Controllers themselves, and communication is fully encrypted.


SID History Sync

To facilitate Active Directory migrations, we can also sync the security IDs (SIDs) from the source to SID history in the target. Combining this with a trust enables the migrated users and groups to be used to access legacy resources.

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Reduces Downtime For Users

This process description essentially outlines how PowerSyncPro works to collect, translate and export information, but the strength of PowerSyncPro is how easily and widely it can be installed and used, with minimal maintenance of directories after migration, lower time-costs for administrators, and seriously reduced downtime for users.

PowerSyncPro can be installed, configured, and operated only as part of a professional service package from Nero Blanco IT Limited. With more than 50 years of combined experience running and optimising migrations for global brands, the Nero Blanco team are among the world foremost experts in the migration process and would be happy to use their expertise to help ease your next large – or small – scale migration project. Get in touch today.