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The Business benefits of
PowerSyncPro Migration Agent

Migrating Active Directory structures can be complex, but all of the work required happens in a space that your users don’t touch. Migrating workstations, on the other hand, can be disruptive to users and productivity. For years the fastest way to migrate thousands of workstations whilst minimising user authentication issues has been Windows AutoPilot, effectively wiping machines for use on the target Active Directory. Whilst automated and easily deployable, this method removes all profiles and preferences, forcing users and admins to reinstall vital software.

Mergers or acquisitions

Your proposed merger or acquisition might involve tens- or even hundreds-of-thousands of users globally. This represents a huge number of user workstations that have to be joined to new target Active Directory or Azure Active Directory structures quickly and efficiently. Achieving workstation migration quickly and without authentication and credential issues is vital to ensuring that your business can continue to operate as normal.


Your single solution

Planning for, and undertaking such a large number of device migrations represents a serious challenge to even the most well organised IT department or external contractor. The sheer scale of the task, and the tendency of work to go out of scope or run over project deadlines, as well as common skill-gaps and inefficient tools, mean that large-scale migrations are often pushed back, reducing the agility of merging or migrating organisations and their ability to deliver value for customers.


A solution is required that functions using a single point of management and migrates workstations via an easily-deployed agent. This minimises the need for software installation, recovery of devices, project member training, time required for operation, and post-migration maintenance. Ideally, this all should be achieved without significant cost.

Rapid deployment and minimal admin

Fast and monitored agent deployment via Intune, GPO and other supported methods means that traditional migration concerns regarding authentication, deployment and installation are minimised, and admins can complete migration projects faster. No reinstallation via AutoPilot is needed, and users can hit the ground running on day one.

PowerSyncPro’s Migration Agent simplifies your workstation migration by


  • Deploying agents easily and reliably by Intune, GPO and other methods
  • Giving your users clear messaging around when to start migration
  • Joining new AD or AAD without authentication issues
  • Retaining existing user profiles and preferences
  • Setting up Outlook, OneDrive, Office and more, ready for new credentials


Allowing your users to experience a seamless move with no productivity loss is the key to a successful Active Directory migration, merger or divestiture.


But why PSP-MA?

The PowerSyncPro Migration Agent was developed to simplify the complexity of migration of many hundreds - or thousands - of devices across large organisations, and eliminate the need for extensive maintenance, loss of preferences, and reinstallation of software that often follows migrating large fleets of devices.


Preparation and migration of workstations can be achieved through methods such as Windows AutoPilot, or by manually joining a target AD or AAD, but these methods are often difficult to achieve across organisations without significant preparation, downtime, and post-migration maintenance. Using the PowerSyncPro Migration Agent empowers organisations to migrate and keep workstation user profiles, preferences and software intact, without authentication issues and loss of productivity.    


If you are looking to simplify your migration, and you’d like to discuss your requirements with an expert team, then get in touch with us today.

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