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Simplify your migrations

Having synchronised your required users, groups, and contacts between directories, now you’re faced with the task of joining your workstations to the new structure. Fortunately, the PowerSyncPro Migration Agent has been developed to do just that, taking the hassle out of mass workstation migration, reducing issues with authentication, removing the need for extensive software reinstallation and minimising post-migration maintenance.

How can I simplify Windows workstation migration?

Migrating multiple workstations between Active Directory and Azure Active Directory can be time consuming, mainly due to ensuring migration tools are provisioned correctly and then reconnecting the user to their services post-migration. When you’re looking at many hundreds or thousands of workstations however, you need a different solution with easy deployment and simple operation.

How PowerSyncPro works

Simple and Effective

The PowerSyncPro Migration Agent is the single solution you need for easily joining workstations to your new AD structure. The agent can be deployed through Intune, via GPO or other methods, and communicates with the PowerSyncPro Active Directory sync tool to ensure that there are no issues with identity management or authentication for workstation user profiles once migrated.

You’ll then be able to activate and monitor workstation migrations in real time from a central dashboard, and rather than see a complete wipe and reinstallation of machines as you would via Windows AutoPilot, the machines will simply join your target Active Directory without removing user profiles, critical software or existing preferences. Users will simply need to sign into the new tenant to find Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, and Office access precisely as they left it.

Minimum User Downtime

Time is money, so downtime is obviously suboptimal. With the PowerSyncPro Migration Agent, your users will see a message that migration will commence at a certain time and date, then once migration begins the user is locked-out for a typical period of less than an hour. Once workstation migration is completed, the user will be able to sign in as before, log into MS365 services and pick up where they left off; no re-provisioning of Windows, no extensive machine migration sessions, and minimal post-migration maintenance.
Of course, that’s during business hours. Provisioning agents via Intune or GPO means that admins can always migrate once users have left their workstations, so that when your users arrive back at their desks, their workstations are already migrated, and user login is simple, with all of an individual user’s software and preferences intact, so no interruptions to workflow caused by troubleshooting authentication or reinstalling critical software.

Avoid AD authentication issues on migrated workstations


The PowerSyncPro Migration Agent runs in conjunction with the PowerSyncPro Directory Sync tool to ensure that all user permissions on the source tenant or structure are replicated on the target, and that the user can sign in with the same UPN in cases where the AD domain name is retained.

This simplicity for migration of user profiles also runs to Microsoft apps, with Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, and Office applications all signed over to the new Active Directory or Azure Active Directory and only requiring sign-in for first use. Edge profile preferences are also retained, so the migration is achieved whilst keeping the device user profile intact; very time-consuming and not without issues when attempted without specialist software. The PowerSyncPro migration agent allows you to achieve this quickly, efficiently and at scale, meaning that you can move onto the next phase of your migration, merger or divestiture project, and your users can get back to work.

Make PSP-MA part of your Active Directory migration project plan

Level up your next migration project by contacting the team at Nero Blanco, the minds behind the PowerSyncPro Migration Agent. With over 50 years of combined experience running and optimising migrations for global brands, the Nero Blanco team are among the world’s foremost experts in the process. Contact them today, and radically simplify your next migration.

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