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Migrate Windows 10 profiles

PowerSyncPro Workstation Migration Agent migrates Windows 10 workstations as seamlessly as possible between directories and device join states with little impact to the end user.

PowerSyncPro Use

Large Scale Migrations

Once the underlying cloud framework is taken care of, whether that be tenant to tenant migration, merging of Active Directories under Azure or the creation of an AD forest, for individuals to be able to work in and exchange data with the new structure, user endpoints need to be migrated as well, and if they are already joined to an existing Azure Active Directory, this can be problematic to achieve manually.

Migrating Windows 10 workstations between directories can form a very large part of any migration project, and the list of snags resulting from an improperly implemented or rushed migration can take many days, or even weeks, to work through. If you have an internal IT department with an optimal number of administrators for normal business operation, then this can mean that portions of your team can be tasked with the clean-up for long periods of time, taking them away from essential workload and projects that would enable greater business efficiency or drive growth. Not only this, but the effects of misaligned directories, ghost and orphan objects, mail issues, and lost data can be felt by your wider team, and ultimately your customers. You need an effective Windows 10 profile migration tool.

Seamless Windows 10 Migration

The PowerSyncPro Workstation Migration Agent facilitates easy transfer of Windows 10 workstations, migrating seamlessly between directories and device join states with little impact to the end user. The agent orchestrates the steps needed to migrate a device, leaving the old directory and joining the new directory whilst also migrating the user profiles, including applications, settings, files, user permissions, file-type associations, and even Recycle Bin contents. The Agent is also capable of migrating multiple profiles on the same workstation.

In tenant-to-tenant migrations, the Agent is invaluable, able to migrate the workstation to the new tenant AAD, whilst reducing impact for the user by maintaining an existing logon profile. The Agent will also present the user with a new Outlook profile, as well as resetting Office apps and Teams to accept the new login.

Migration Agent
Migrate user Profiles Effectively

Migrate user Profiles Effectively

The PowerSyncPro Workstation Migration agent eases migration for administrators as well as users, by ensuring that Outlook and OneDrive downloads are minimised. In addition to reducing the need to reinstall other applications, the Agent also handles transition of the OneDrive for Business client, as well as performing other helpful operations such as resetting the default Edge profile for the new login, retaining all other Edge profiles. This offers a clear advantage over other methods such as Autopilot Reset or Fresh Start which are either effectively machine wipes, or leave AD joins in place whilst removing user settings and application data. Cross-tenant Autopilot Reset requires strict coordination between the tenants, whereas this is not required with the PowerSyncPro Agent. 

The Agent is also fully deployable through Group Policy Objects, Microsoft Intune, and other software distribution methods. Post-deployment, users receive notifications and warnings of impending time-based migration, and can be given the option to execute immediately. Users also receive on-screen messages and are informed at the logon screen that the migration is underway, and the typical run-time from start to finish for the Agent is only 30-45 minutes.  

The PowerSyncPro Workstation Migration Agent is the go-to tool for migrating workstations from one directory structure to another and works in a wide variety of migration use-cases, From On-Premises or Same-Tenant, through Tenant-to-Tenant, working to migrate AD to AD, AD to AAD, Hybrid to AD or AAD and vice versa.  

The PowerSyncPro Workstation Migration Agent is developed and maintained by the team at Nero Blanco Ltd. With more than 50 years of combined experience running and optimising migrations for global brands, the Nero Blanco team are among the world foremost experts in the process, and would be happy to use their expertise, as well as essential tools like the PowerSyncPro Workstation Migration agent, to smooth the path of your next migration.