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Using the PowerSyncPro What-If report

A what-if report is commonly thought of as looking before you leap. When dealing with migrations of numerous objects there are likely to be changes to policies that result in the transformation of those objects. The most common of these is probably the transformation of objects from one Active Directory domain to another.

The What-If report

There to bring a visual confirmation before you commit any policy changes, what the source objects look like in their existing directory, and then also what the resultant target objects will look like after all the transformations, rules, rewrites, logic, and things like complex expressions are applied.


Any configuration

This means that you can visualise any source and target object’s current and future attribute values before your changes are applied.

Using the what-if report you can configure PowerSyncPro to have any configuration you desire with the certainty that you can visualise the end state of user objects before you commit your configuration. Because PowerSyncPro is typically modifying real users and could have a serious impact in your environment, it’s an important feature to support business processes like change management or change board approval. Any problems caused by human error or syntax issues should be easily identifiable, as you can drill into the objects in your intended configuration within the report to confirm the outcome.

In fact, for any changes you make to PowerSyncPro, we force you to review the what-if report and confirm that the changes you’re implementing will have the desired outcome before they go ahead.

Because PowerSyncPro is an AD object sync tool designed for synchronising any number of users, groups/memberships, contacts, and passwords between multiple Active Directories, you can accommodate complex mappings and transformations, from AD structures in any networked location or configuration.

You can consider the detailed simulation generated in the What-If Report to have similar to the functionality to the what-if tool in Azure, or powershell -whatif parameter for many of the cmdlets, but multiplying its effectiveness by analysing changes across the whole directory structure, rather than effects on just one user, saving time on testing prior to migration, and minimising errors after migration.

The What-If report is just one of the many helpful features contained in the PowerSyncPro toolbox, all designed to simplify your complex migrations.

PowerSyncPro can only be installed, configured, and operated as part of a professional service package from Nero Blanco IT Limited. With more than 50 years of combined experience, the Nero Blanco team are among the world foremost experts in the migration process, and are ready to help you to simplify your next large-scale migration or synchronisation project. Get in touch today.

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