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PowerSyncPro Migration Agent

PowerSyncPro Workstation Migration Agent migrates Windows 10 workstations as seamlessly as possible between directories and device join states with little impact to the end user.

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Features for the Workstation

The agent orchestrates the steps needed to migrate a device, including:

  • Leave the old directory
  • Join the new directory
  • Migrate the user profiles (applications, settings, files, permissions)

Deployable via Intune, GPO or other software distribution methods.

Features for the workloads

The agent can be used in tenant-to-tenant migrations to ease the user’s impact including:

  • Maintain existing logon profile
  • Present a new Outlook profile to the user
  • Reset Teams ready for the new login
  • Reset Office ready for the new login
  • Handle the transition of the OneDrive for Business client
  • Reset the default Edge profile for the new login, retaining all other profiles
  • Fixes flickering screen issue when switching from
  • AzureAD to AzureAD. (BEX64 exception caused by explorer.exe in ucrtbase.dll error code is 0xc0000409)

Users given notification and warning of impending time-based migration and option to execute immediately. Along with messages on screen and at logon prompt that the migration is underway.

Migration Agent

The Agent can be used for migrations in various scenarios

Many large corporate organisations have been around a while, and that could mean that some of the Directories in need of sync or migration are located on-premises or on older AD deployments. Traditionally, this sort of variability in directory design makes things more challenging for Administrators, as a one-size-fits-all sync process or tool may need to be adjusted to capture or transform the required directory objects, or may indeed be incapable of doing this, requiring reconfiguration of part or all the directories involved prior to implementing the proposed solution.

  • Active Directory to Active Directory
  • Active Directory to Azure AD
  • Azure AD to Active Directory
  • Hybrid AD to Azure AD
  • Azure AD to Hybrid AD
  • Azure AD to Azure AD
  • Azure AD to Hybrid AD
  • Hybrid AD to Azure AD
powersyncpro import tool migration agent

Comparing to AutoPilot

Autopilot Refresh (effectively a wipe) is an approach to migrate a machine.  This does result in a consistent build but at a cost for the user.  The PowerSyncPro Migration Agent seeks to ease the user’s pain by:

  • Maintain their shortcuts, applications and settings
  • Avoid Outlook, OneDrive downloads where possible
  • Avoid Application re-installs
  • Preserve File Type Associations and Browser Preferences
  • Retain all user data including the Recycle Bin
  • Usually completes within 30-45 minutes
  • Cross tenant AutoPilot Refresh requires strict coordination between the tenants
  • Manage migrating multiple profiles on the machine