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AD synchronisation and Active Directory migration

What does PowerSyncPro do?

PowerSyncPro is the ultimate solution for AD synchronisation and Active Directory migration. It can provide complete AD or Azure Active Directory sync between any number of on-premises, hybrid or cloud-based Active Directories, as well as cross-tenant synchronisation, bi-directional password sync, SIDhistory, and flawless identity management. It also enables tenant to tenant migration for Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices, managing changes to access and retaining preferences within MS365 applications such as Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, and Edge by way of the PowerSyncPro Workstation Migration Agent, without the need for reimaging or reinstalling user workstations, so your users can hit the ground running on day one.

Is migrating Active Directory complicated with PowerSyncPro?

PowerSyncPro is a tool that simplifies the complexity of identity management during Active Directory migration, AD sync or cross-tenant synchronisation. It offers pre-populated templates to quickly configure the minimum or usual set of attributes needed to migrate data and manage identity synchronisation across multiple Active Directories. The setup is fast and easy and PowerSyncPro will run resiliently for years with minimal support tickets. We’ve seen this first-hand at large global clients, where only 3-4 support tickets were issued over years of usage – most of them due to things like incorrectly decommissioned domain controllers, or critical whole-site power outage.

Do I need to install PowerSyncPro on premises?

With PowerSyncPro, you can sync your directory from anywhere, including cloud servers and virtual machines, during Active Directory migration or AD sync. Many customers have found success running PowerSyncPro in Azure, with a VPN side-to-side connection for added security. PowerSyncPro certainly can be deployed on-premises for easy access to domain controllers, but it’s just at home anywhere else. Latency isn’t a problem either; our system is efficient at pulling from and writing to domain controllers, even if they’re halfway around the world. This makes it ideal for large multinationals.

Do I need to retain a developer for MIM now that it’s EOL?

PowerSyncPro offers a managed solution to integrate HR system feeds with Microsoft’s Identity Manager (MIM) during any Active Directory migration or AD sync operations. If your business isn’t looking for a MIM replacement, and wants to retain MIM on your network, without a bespoke solution such as PowerSyncPro you would need to hire a MIM developer and create a solution from scratch. This could cause potential support issues, as you would need to keep the developer on or be sure they are available whenever there is an issue with identity synchronisation. PowerSyncPro takes on this development and support burden for you, so you don’t have to worry about any potential problems. PowerSyncPro is able to work regardless of how your active directories are distributed, and is not dependent on any release version of Windows Server, making it a powerful tool for your business.

Can PowerSyncPro migrate my desktop workstation to Azure AD?

PowerSyncPro consists of two tools to manage your Active Directory Migration, AD sync, and Identity synchronisation tasks. This makes moving machines over to the new AD structure during AD-AAD migrations or cross-tenant synchronisations both simple and secure.

In addition to the sync tool, PowerSyncPro Workstation Migration Agent is designed to be easily deployable and secure. Deployed via Intune or GPO through an MSI and compatible with .Net6 Desktop, once up and running the agent and server communicate securely with each other over an SSL tunnel. This ensures that data passing between the two systems is encrypted and signed, even when connected over public Wi-Fi! Security is a key priority of PowerSyncPro’s migration agent, making it the ideal solution for secure data migration.