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Do I need to migrate from Active Directory to Azure Active Directory?

Not necessarily. Moving to the cloud brings some advantages, but depending on your current Active Directory arrangements, this can be a long and difficult process. PowerSyncPro can change this for you. DirSync and migration with PowerSyncPro changes the game for organisations having difficulties with hybrid AD configurations, or those looking to migrate to, or sync directories with, AD structures in Azure AD. PSP can streamline AD consolidations and remove dependence on on premises AD.

Zero Impact DirSync and Migration

PowerSyncPro makes it easy to identify source and target locations for DirSync or migration, and can be used to migrate fully to the target directory, a new directory, or just to maintain zero-impact DirSync across the various structures or environments, making sure that objects and identities are available across the organisations at all times with full 2-way password sync and writeback, as well as SID-History sync. Tools traditionally used for these processes are not required, as all sync and identity management is coordinated by PowerSyncPro. No need for MIM, no need for ADMT, so no more worrying about end-of-life dates or lack of functionality for either.

PowerSyncPro is the ideal solution for a huge array of organisational use-cases where traditional DirSync or migration arrangements could prove costly in terms of time or money. PowerSyncPro just sits silently in the background, stitching everything together indefinitely. Find out more at