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Do I need to use ADMT to migrate Active Directory?

No. PowerSyncPro can take care of that for you. In fact, those other tools that may have traditionally been part of your go-to migration or DirSync toolkit list; you don’t need those either.

PowerSyncPro can ensure communication between domain controllers, provision and manage DirSync, migrate structures to tenants, from tenants or connect between tenants, maintain 2-way password sync and writeback, SID-History sync, and migrate workstations from one AD to another without machine rewrite or user profile deletion.

Deploying PowerSyncPro in place of traditional tools saves time, money, downtime and disruption for any organisation using Active Directory in any form. On-premises Active Directory with Azure AD Connect, Microsoft Identity Manager, and many others can be simply replaced or connected, with PowerSyncPro controlling and maintaining DirSync and migration operations centrally. 

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