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How do the best Active Directory Migration Tools measure up?

PowerSyncPro is one of many Active Directory migration tools out there, but that’s for a good reason. Many of these tools only perform a specific function or functions within a migration, and usually have to be used in conjunction with other tools. PowerSyncPro is the only toolkit that contains all the functionality you need to for migrating or syncing multiple Active Directory domains or structures, and also un-join/join operations on the new structure for workstation endpoints whilst Outlook, Teams, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Edge profiles are all seamlessly moved over when using the PowerSyncPro Workstation Migration Agent. 

DirSync between multiple Active Directories or forests is possible for all practical on-prem, hybrid, or cloud AD configurations with or without trusts. PowerSyncPro takes complex migration and DirSync projects and simplifies them, with powerful sync functions, 2-way password and SID-History sync, and the ability to manage identity flawlessly. 

Find out more about how PowerSyncPro delivers the functionality that you need at or get in touch with the team.