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What Common Migration Issues Does Migration Agent Avoid?

How can I avoid user authentication issues after workstation migration?

When migrating workstations between Active Directories, user authentication can be an issue as the process of an activity such as a Hybrid join to Azure AD join usually requires new user credentials to be added to the machine in order to access the target AD. Traditionally, this has been known to cause conflict with existing user accounts and credentials, leading to authentication problems and software license activation issues when trying to migrate Active Directory.

The PowerSyncPro Migration Agent neatly solves this problem through seamless identity management, ensuring that the workstation migration process is managed centrally and takes all instructions regarding user identity from a counterpart Active Directory sync tool. Critical user attributes are carried across, including SIDHistory and passwords, allowing admins to complete the migration with minimal maintenance.

Developed by an elite team with over 50 years spent in the migration space, the PowerSyncPro Migration Agent is your solution for simplifying Windows workstation migration, reducing downtime, and lowering migration costs. To see how easy we can make migrating your devices, check out our demo video at

How can I avoid workstation user profile migrations from causing problems during AD migration?

If your workstations are already joined to an Active Directory or Azure Active Directory, then joining it to a new target AD or AAD can cause problems with the existing user profile. Sometimes, user profiles are unable to be moved without creating common issues and problems with existing apps, networked devices, and authentication when accessing network locations or shares. The recommended workaround to avoid these issues is simply to clear down the device and reinstall Windows, allowing for a clean join to the new structure.

With the PowerSyncPro Migration Agent, moving existing user profiles is vastly simplified, and avoids the need to reinstall the operating system via processes such as Autopilot, making it easy to keep user applications and preferences in-place during workstation migration.

Developed by a team with decades of experience performing mega migrations for some of the world’s largest organisations, the PowerSyncPro Migration Agent simplifies the Windows workstation migration process, cutting downtime, costs and resources. To see how we make it easy to migrate your devices and complete your migration project, check out our demo video at

How can I reduce downtime when migrating workstations between Active Directories?

Moving user workstations from an On-premise Active Directory to an Azure Active Directory, or from one AAD to another, usually comes with a heavy penalty in terms of per-device downtime, with the operation to migrate user profiles traditionally handled one of two ways; device migration via the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) Computer Migration Wizard or similar tool, often creating credential clashes or authentication issues post-migration, or devices being wiped and reinstalled with a new OS via Windows AutoPilot or via automated re-imaging to provide a clean migration, requiring reinstallation of specialist applications and preferences. Both methods require significant planned maintenance and can lead to lost productivity.

The PowerSyncPro Migration Agent simplifies your Windows workstation migration, allowing you to retain your existing user profiles as well as any specialist applications and user preferences. User profiles are migrated efficiently via an easily-deployable (Intune, Group Policy Object and other methods supported) software agent, with Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, Office application accounts, and even Edge profiles all migrated over, ready for immediate sign-in and use. Since there’s no re-imaging, there’s no loss of preferences or applications for anything else on the device either, and users can get back to work in less than an hour in most cases, with minimum post-migration maintenance and productivity loss.

The team at PowerSyncPro have developed the Migration Agent through years of performing mega migrations for some of the world’s largest organisations. To see how we simplify the migration process to reduce error messages, downtime and costs, check out our demo video at