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What is an Active Directory Migration? How does it work?

If your organisation uses Microsoft Server or Microsoft Azure platforms to manage your users and files, then you’ll most likely have your everyday user identity, domains and user profiles managed by Active Directory. Active Directory (commonly shortened to AD, or in the case of cloud, Azure AD or AAD) is where all the connectivity takes place between your users, their programs, their machines, and all the objects that they have access to.

If you need to move your Active Directory from where it sits, to a new structure, or perhaps to combine with another existing Active Directory, then you need to migrate your AD structure. Depending on how large or complex your AD structure is, a migration could take a very long time, and be an extremely complex operation.

PowerSyncPro removes the need for complex operations when performing migrations. Powerful and completely scalable, you can add as many source domains, structures and directories as you need to and PowerSyncPro will do the rest, making sure that your identities are synched before you proceed.

PowerSyncPro also includes a clever workstation migration agent, made to disjoin/join devices from Active Directory / Azure AD, whilst easily managing Outlook, Teams, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Edge profile configuration, and reissuing permissions to Windows User Profiles, providing a smooth transition post-migration for end users, without the usual pain points.

The Workstation Migration Agent enables big bang migrations to occur, even for large corporations with thousands of users. Using this tool allows for a seamless migration, with minimal downtime for the user and removes the strain on the support desk, as well as alleviating potential issues caused by co-existence.

PowerSyncPro is your single solution to complex migration issues. Find out more here