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White Paper: Simplifying your AD and Workstation Migration Projects

Simplifying your AD and Workstation Migration Projects

Inside this white paper, we offer IT leaders and System Integrators some valuable tactics to evaluate AD migration toolsets accordingly.  These will help any AD migration team validate the necessary features and functionality they need for project success.

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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are big business. Over 18,000 M&A deals were completed in the United States during 2022 alone: 314 of which were worth more than one billion U.S. dollars. 

At the heart of these company mergers and acquisitions are the IT operations groups responsible for the technical infrastructure integration projects necessary for their success.  And Active Directory (AD) is a key component of those migration and integration requirements.

Automated tools are essential to streamline and manage AD migration and consolidation projects.  But solutions are limited, and most lack the necessary scalability and flexibility, plus the full visibility to pull off an AD migration and workstation cutover project safely.


These management tools MUST provide:

  • AD Object migration scoping and updating / re-writing attributes
  • Synchronizing passwords and SID History between directories
  • Converting workstations to Azure Cloud-Only Management
  • Migrating workstations automatically, without end-user interaction

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