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The PowerSyncPro Partner Program

The PowerSyncPro Partnership Program empowers and rewards partners that architect, build, configure and deploy PowerSyncPro for organisations and networks under their control, and gives them priority access to new features, exciting developments, and expert technical support.
Our Partnership program is a simple, flexible multi-tiered partnership program that offers our partners the chance to enhance profitability via dedication.
Each level provides different rewards, so the more invested you are in the program, the more we invest in your success.

Becoming a PowerSyncPro Partner

Becoming a PowerSyncPro Partner puts the power of simple AD sync and migration in your hands. Flexible partnership tiers allow access to distinctive rewards at each level, based on a partner’s level of commitment. 

When you’re looking to migrate a customer’s on-prem users to the cloud, merge or split tenants, create or sync AD Forests, or supply end-to-end migration and sync featuring flawless identity management and bare-minimum downtime, your partnership with PowerSyncPro can help you make that delivery.

User downtime

There are clear advantages to becoming a PowerSyncPro Partner if:

PowerSyncPro Partner Program Benefits:

Partnership brings huge benefits to organisations using PowerSyncPro, including

How PowerSyncPro works

Enable your team to deliver migrations and sync ops that perform powerful tasks easily and correctly. Remap any source attribute values with different target values to comply with easily definable standards during sync. Use complex expressions for an object’s scoping or attribute mapping, even in the most complex scenarios. Schedule tasks across an entire directory or by specific profiles, and only engage if profile rules are met. Resume failed import jobs such as SQL issues without the need to restart them. Control and manage accidental deletions, orphaned objects, and more. Use multiple sync profiles using the same source and target directories and vary sync behaviour by object type and other attributes. All whilst retaining SID History, passwords, and group membership. Deploy all this functionality and more to your end user’s AD migration or sync project with absolutely minimal downtime and simple management through PowerShell using existing terminology and command syntax.

Get the best AD Sync and migration solution on the market, and reduce the time spent planning, implementing and servicing sync and migration projects. Deliver cost-savings to your team and customers whilst enjoying the benefits of having a world-leading team of specialists in the migration space at your disposal. 

PARTNER OPTIONS Gold, Silver, Bronze, Disti and OEM

The PowerSyncPro partner program is built to assist you in growing your managed services business, allowing you to differentiate yourself easily from the competition, and offer clear advantages to potential customers through truly modern migration and sync solutions. PowerSyncPro partnership means that you can offer a fast and efficient Active Directory sync and migration, with dedicated Windows workstation migration and rock-solid identity management. We offer a range of tiered partnership options with a variety of SLAs, from the all-encompassing Gold tier, through Bronze and Silver tiers, to more specialist packages such as Distributor and OEM. Get in touch using the form below to find out more.

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